Maxim Kolotilo

13 | Ukraine
Diagnosis: Mine explosive trauma, shrapnel wound to the head. Chest left, right thigh
Funding goal: Bladder Reconstruction / Splinter surgery
It remains to collect: $77 495
$2827 (3.52%)
Collected at the moment:

Child report

I'm Maxim Kolotilo, I'm 13 years old. I live in Ukraine in the city of Nikolaev.
I love my life, my family and my dog.
I have a lot of friends, we like to play football and other games.
I love swimming and I do karate.

On August 5, 2022, my life changed.
During the military operations in our city between Russia and Ukraine, a shell exploded next to us. I didn't feel the pain right away because I was looking at my dad who was lying next to me and I had only one thought - Whether he was alive or not!!! I love him very much and didn't want him to leave us!!
Dad had broken both legs, but he was alive.
When the ambulance arrived, I lost consciousness and woke up in the hospital, it turned out that I got a lot of shrapnel and I have serious problems. I had open wounds to my lungs and head, fractured ribs and a ruptured bladder.

Doctors in Ukraine cannot cope with all the problems and for fragments in the body and are afraid to carry out full-fledged treatment. In Israel, they agreed to take me for treatment and I would like to ask you to help me......we don't have money for treatment, but I want to live. The cost of treatment is not fully understood, since we cannot conduct an examination and it can be very expensive!!
Please help me…



What has already been done

First aid in the emergency department of Nikolaev
Preparing the patient for the flight to Israel
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