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About Keren Or for Child charitable foundation

"Keren Or for Child" is a non-profit organization that helps seriously ill children and their families undergoing treatment in Israel at Ichilov, Sheba, Schneider, Rambam and Hadassah hospitals. We do not limit ourselves to the framework of a particular disease, but most often, we are talking about oncology.

Fund history

Our charitable activity began during the coronavirus epidemic. The pandemic left many children from the CIS countries treated in Israel without medical and financial assistance.
At that time, we had to help families find funding for treatment, living, buying medicines and food. At first, we applied to various structures and charitable foundations, but this gave unsatisfactory results. We came to the conclusion that to help families effectively, we need to obtain official status. At the end of 2020, a charitable foundation was registered. From that moment, it began to engage in fundraising activities to treat children and assistance in everyday matters.

During this period, many volunteers and partners have joined the activities of the foundation, whom we appreciate and endlessly thank. The main part of our team was formed from ordinary people who left their work during the coronavirus epidemic. Helpful people began to help us to the best of their ability. Today, a wonderful team of drivers, animators, photographers, medical representatives, soldiers, retirees, and the clergy has been created.

Fund activities

The charitable foundation "Keren Or for Child" is a non-profit organization (registration number 580709517). We help seriously ill children undergoing treatment in Israel's central hospitals and their families. We try to help everyone who asks for help. Children with cancer make up the most significant part of our patients.

The primary responsibility of the fund is financial, organizational, and household assistance in the treatment of children from different countries on the territory of Israel. We plan to expand the geography of our activities since many do not have the opportunity to come to Israel to receive assistance at a high medical level. We want to help people outside our country and make all the necessary efforts for this. Our foundation strives to establish charitable activities in countries with low income of citizens. It will allow children to maintain faith in the future and receive better quality treatment in their countries. People should not be limited in medical care just for lack of funds.

What are we doing?

  • We collect funds to pay for treatment
  • We help to provide our patients with expensive medicines as part of the course of treatment
  • We solve everyday issues (food, household items, etc.) of our patients and their families outside the hospital
  • We visit, organize holidays, celebrate birthdays and organize leisure
  • We provide ongoing support in hospital

Benefits of our fund

  • 1
    Highly efficient fundraising process, regardless of the cost of treatment
    Free purchase of drugs that are not included in the basket
  • 2
    The fund assists in the arrival in Israel
    The settlement and relocation of the patients and their accompanying persons
  • 3
    Provides for issuing cards for a certain amount of money
    To purchase the necessary food and goods at your discretion
  • 4
    The fund helps resolve issues related to the execution and translation of various legal documents
    Opening accounts in Israeli banks. If necessary, it helps obtain permits from the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the arrival of relatives in Israel
  • 5
    Russian-speaking staff
    Russian-speaking staff and people with medical education dramatically facilitate communication with the patients
  • 6
    We organize events
    It provides an organization of excursions to holy places for families, safari trips, zoos, and other activities to keep children entertained. The organization of birthdays helps children who are on long-term treatment not to feel away from home.

Photos from the life of the fund

Photo by Jacob
Photo by Leio
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Marion
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Shifaaz
Photo by Mike
Photo by Jason
Photo by Sven
Photo by Ed
Photo by David
Photo by Hal
If helping children is your credo,
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