Eseniya Uskova

17 | Kazahstan
Diagnosis: Sarcoma
Funding goal: Treatment at Sheba Medical Center (Tel Hashomer)
It remains to collect: $962 436
$210 911 (18%)
Collected at the moment:

Child report

Yesenia was born in 2005 in Kazakhstan in the city of Semipalatinsk, she went to school, studied vocals and dances, she never had a serious illness. At the end of October 2021, they paid attention to a bump on the leg, they thought it was an injury due to dancing, since the bump appeared immediately large, as the doctor later suggested, the tumor grew under the muscles and did not let you know about itself. It hurt a little, but not much, and the pain went away.

The bump did not go away and in January we went to the surgeon, he immediately referred us to an oncologist, they did an MRI and we were admitted to the hospital, after the biopsy results we were told that it was a sarcoma. 
Since we do not have a children's oncology department in the city, we went to the capital, Nursultan, to the center of motherhood and childhood. After three chemotherapy treatments and a second biopsy, she was diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma.

The doctors said that they had never encountered this type of sarcoma before and the difficulty was that the tumor had grown into the abdominal cavity and the surgeons did not have experience with such complex cases, since reconstruction of the vessels and possibly the bladder would be required. Thus, they began to look for options where reliable and advanced medicine is available. So we ended up in Israel at the Sheba Medical Center, where experienced doctors can help us.



What has already been done

Arrival in Israel
Completion of the diagnostics
Start of treatment
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