Sofia Torosyan

14 years | Armenia
Diagnosis: Profound hearing loss (4 degree hearing loss)
Funding goal: Buying a hearing accessories and surgery
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Child report

Sofia was born totally deaf (cochlear anomaly).
She was diagnosed with a grade 4 hearing loss.
At the age of 2.5, she was operated, but only on one ear. That surgery gave a boost in the child’s development, but Sofia was still far behind her peers.

Due to her complex diagnosis, Sofia had enormous difficulties in communicating with teachers and classmates at school. Eventually, under psychological pressure, her mother had to remove her from school and transfer her to homeschooling.

The possibility of treatment for another ear was considered, but as the diagnosis was very complex, conventional hospitals would not take her.

For several years the parents searched for doctors who could treat such anomalies and eventually come to Israel.
Sophia has already had one operation on the second ear, but it was not enough. She needs an additional hearing aid (costing ILS 100,000) and another costly operation.
All the treatment has to be done as soon as possible! The girl is now 14 years old. Unfortunately, the chances of restoring hearing are not only getting worse with age, but even without this operation, a complete rollback to deafness is possible.

All support for Sofia’s treatment in Israel is provided by our charity foundation, Keren Or for Child.
It is in our and YOUR hands to give Sophia a full-fledged life, to become a mother in the future, and to be happy.

Let's all help together! There are no somebody else’s children...



What has already been done

Arrival in Israel
Right ear implant surgery
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