Amina Mamedova

5 years old | Norilsk, Russia
Diagnosis: Leukemia

Child report

We're talking about Amina, a baby who contracted ARVI and suffered serious consequences as a result of the virus. Since the lymph nodes in the girl's neck were swollen, an ultrasound scan was performed first, which revealed that the lymph nodes in her all body were enlarged. The girl was then given a blood examination, which revealed that she had a high number of white blood cells but a low number of platelets.

Amina was also taken to the Norilsk Children's Hospital on June 29, 2019, where the diagnosis was revealed. Amina was admitted to the Department of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology on July 2, where she had her first puncture and the diagnosis was confirmed: bilinear leukaemia with a broken gene t. (9:11).
Following that, the doctors determined the best course of chemotherapy for the baby. The girl had a transplant from her mother on January 27, 2020, and her recovery was generally very successful and on schedule. The girl was then transferred to a day hospital, where she was required to be monitored by a doctor for up to 100 days, undergo tests, and receive donor lymphocytes. Another puncture revealed that there are blasts after a while. Amina should have started her chemotherapy treatment in the future, but not long after her recovery, she had a second remission. The girl's body did not offer positive tests for multiple infusions of donor lymphocytes in St. Petersburg, putting her in the high-risk group. Doctors from Krasnoyarsk contacted Moscow and submitted a puncture, where they could adjust the treatment plan, but this did not work out.

However, the Sheba clinic in Israel provided an alternative, and the family arrived in Israel for care on April 15, 21. A fundraising drive to save baby Amina is now underway on behalf of the "Keren Or for Child" foundation!



What has already been done

Amina Mammadova, a little 5-year-old girl who has been receiving medical treatment in Israel since May 2021. Aminka bravely fights cancer. In six and a half months, Amina underwent several resuscitations, a bone marrow transplant and is now in hospital for maintenance therapy. Amina's treatment is not over yet, we ask you to give this courageous girl a chance to fully recover!
Amina Mammadova underwent a successful course of treatment at Sheba Hospital, courageously enduring all the difficulties that she had to go through. In December 2021, Amina returned home to Moscow, we wish her happiness and success!!!
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