Alan Zinabadinov

7 | אוזבקיסטן
אבחנה: D resistant rickets (phosphate diabetes)

היסטוריה רפואית

Alan is 7 years old and since birth he suffers from a rare genetic disease - D-resistant rickets (phosphate diabetes). This ailment has many symptoms, but visually it is expressed in a very strong curvature of the legs and the worst thing is that, despite all our efforts and the efforts of the child, it still progresses. Alan is struggling with his illness and the right to live the life of an ordinary child.

Every day he takes many medications, this is necessary in order to artificially keep his mineral metabolism normal. He is engaged in swimming, rock climbing, exercise therapy and chess. But despite all this, it is difficult for him to walk even 200 meters on his own. He dreams to play football with his friends, but he can't even run around the court. He really wants to go hiking, rollerblading, skiing, on an equal footing with his friends on the climbing team. He notices the looks of passers-by. He is often asked tactless questions about his legs, which hurt him very much. He is only 7 years old - 4 of which he tries to straighten his legs every day.
Doctors in Tashkent, Russia and India offered to operate him. But the risk of surgery is so high that the parents refused. The operations are so traumatic that Alan could never get back on his feet after them. Sevara (mother) found out that Professor Mark Idelman from Israel (MC Rambam) can operate on Alan. A very difficult operation is ahead. But after it the boy will have straight, healthy legs. The operation is very expensive, so the "Keren Or for Child" foundation agreed to help Alan raise funds for the treatment.



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